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Sandra Borioni

Coach, teacher, researcher and trainer of Neuronal Reengineering. International speaker and lecturer.

Creator of the Neuroquantic Coaching method.

Coach and main trainer at MaravillosaMente®

His story

The teacher  Sandra Sylvia Borioni, with an official degree from the Ministry of Education of the Argentine Nation, has taught for 30 years in the different educational extracts Level, Initial, Primary, Secondary and Adult Secondary Level .

She is a Neuropsychoeducator certified by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires. Certified in NeuroLeadership and Neurosciences at the University of Buenos Aires, Certified in Emotional Intelligence by the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires. Certified in Integrative Medicine by the Graduate School of the Argentine Medical Association, Collaborator in the project of High Capacities of the new Law of CABA, International Speaker, Ontological Coach and Master Trainer in Neurolinguistic Programming  personally trained by the Co-Creator of Neurolinguistic Programming Dr. John Grinder.

Her desire to investigate the immediate remission of any condition to improve led her to travel several times to different continents in search of the knowledge discovered by the scientists who managed to make successful advances in resolving the issue. So it was that he received training and training personally with Dr. Stephen Gilligan in Generative Trance, the new Hypnosis, in Energy Medicine with Dr. Caroline Myss., with Dr. Deepack Choppra in the knowledge of the human brain, management of the mind and in Meditation advanced, with Dr. James Oschman in Quantum Physics and Energy Medicine. Today he is a member of the John Maxwell Team of professionals. Member of the Latin American network of NLP, VIP Member of Women Leaders of the Americas and Mentor in multinational companies.


His first book TU CEREBRO ES DE PLASTILINA, Best Seller No. 1 in sales on Amazon. Written in collaboration with his students, it has been read in more than 50 countries.
She has been dedicated to Human Development for 30 years and is  a tireless scholar and researcher of methods to generate immediate well-being in people.

Founder and member of the MaravillosaMente® program.

Sandra Borioni Mentors

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Stephen Gilligan, PhD in Psychology from Stanford University, has his practice in Encinitas, California (USA). Gilligan was part of the group of students who met with Richard Bandler and John Grinder, founders of NLP, during their training at the University of California at Santa Cruz between the years 1974-1977. Milton Erickson and Gregory Bateson were also his teachers and a source of inspiration for him. After earning his doctorate, Gilligan became one of the leading teachers and practitioners of Ericksonian hypnotherapy and, motivated by his own experience as a therapist and teacher, as well as his own quest, developed a radical new "awakening" practice incorporating Ericksonian psychotherapy. , Aikido, Buddhism, meditation and performing arts. His work, known as Self-Interaction Psychotherapy, reconnects body and mind, processes, encourages, and supports radical change. The cornerstone of interaction with the Self is understanding and process.

Stephen Gilligan

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